Operation: Grand Utopia 44

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Unity KB

[26.07.2023]-[v0.40a2p7] (ONLINE)

Current Launcher Build: L269R2

BETA LAUNCH: OGU v0.1b (v0.50aX converts to v0.1 in Beta)

follow development: https://ogu44.com/status

Next build release: OGU [v0.40a3]

(Open alpha + Game Launcher)

Send suggestions to gamemaster@OGU44.com

Support: support@OGU44.com

1. OGU_Updater.exe = Downloads launcher and newest client
2. OGULauncher.exe = Runs OGU_Updater to verify that game files are up-to-date
3. OGU.exe is launched!


Problem with launcher solved: OGU44Launcher_Data folder resource files cannot be downloaded from G-DRIVE for what ever reason, but they're the culprits..How ever they're included in the original launcher file that you will get from downloading the original Launcher, installing instructions on /download. Thinking of moving to one-drive if that's possible, since I have license there too aka more space

Updating Launcher and Game client (Server-side)

1. Update the client version in "/../source/Application" folder

2. Run the "/../source/DEV.exe" to generate a new hash

3. Update the online hash to the set hashURL location

4. Upload the new client version to the set downloadURL location

_!_ OGULaunchers will download the latest version of the Game Launcher and Game Client.


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