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Players and their interaction with other players, npc's or the world determine the future and the past. The game session lasts until one faction, player, god or group has eliminated all contesting factions, players, gods or groups. Gods cannot be killed anywhere else but the God Realm. But players and NPCs play the game "roguelike" or "hardcore" which means that when their character dies they are only able to continue playing if someone or something ressurrects them. All player accounts are limited to 5 characters, so even if one dies the game is not over for that player. Although alting at the later stages of the game session is intended to be cumbersom, but there is equal chance to succeed.

Each time a session is over the server is shutdown for a while and future for 1000 to 4000 years is precalculated. In this period the gods repair most of the destruction and leave in parts of ruins and some future lore from the history. Players that did not meet Godhood sadly are going to die within this period or they might be alive as an NPC (should they be able to live for thousands of years). The new players start exploring the new world and the cycle repeats, a very distant past, say like 10 (~10,000-40,000 years) sessions backwards could still come to haunt players.

The player character's level, attributes, items, skills and strategy determines how well the character and their allied group performs. The idea is that there is endless combinations of unique items, skills, spells, quests and events going on in every session, after a game ends the previous sessions events dictate the history of the future session thus giving the players the "lore script" to write by their actions. Unique events are driven by this exact history, for example faction relations could be because a god or gods of fore mentioned factions are enemies and therefore plotting against each other and leading their followers to war with the opposing faction.

Gods have unreasonable power (and are bound to the god realm and can only appear on a given server from fourty four minutus to an hour at a time, if they are summoned by their followers or if an random world event allows it. When god player or AI is spawned they have a choice between 1-4 Soul Orbs to use in the battle. Soul Orb represent 10% of the Gods overall power, and they have to use at least one. If a god is eliminated he will lose the Orbs he carried into battle. Gods by default; when they're exiled to the Realm 44 are given 10 Soul Orbs, of which they must give at least 4 away to their designated followers, generals or bishops in order to be summoned. These Orbs can be used by all characters, not only followers and they hold immense power (May the greed best of you and could you betray your friends?). The Gods level is determined by the amount of orbs he has, because the base character was already a god / deity level character by default (10 Orbs = Normal power), worshippers and followers can aid their respective gods in regenerating their power through gathering the orbs and delivering them by rituals, while they're tempted to take the power for themselves and by doing so possibly becoming gods themself.

When visiting the normal realms, Gods are allowed to share their Orbs upto 50% of their current standing power; to their generals or representatives or to whomever they wish really.

Players can recruit armies, merchants and other NPCs, they can build customizable buildings and even claim areas to build entire kingdoms. Players can choose who their allies are and they can become gods if their character is worthy of a deity tittle, thus becoming basically immortal.


What is this place?

It all started a long long time ago, a grand existence of sorts appeared from nothingness. In an instant a cluster of realms was born and they were filled with life that derive their forms from the fundamental elements of the universe. There is variability with the configuration of said basic elements and so each universe has it's own set of features. These alternating fundamentals resulted in each realm possessing it's own unique series of events in their respective timelines.

Regardless of the differencies in historical events between the realms, most of the rudimentary laws of nature evolved identically accross worlds.

HOW EVER - At different points in time, in all of the realms - a conflict arouse due to an imbalance in the universe, causing a war involving all the four fundamental factions of living creatures in some way..
..Every now and then a character would find a way to impact one or more universes so greatly that the Deities; in order to preserve balance, decided to exile them into a realm filled with unspeakable monsters and nearly indestructible environment; The realm was commonly known as "Realm 44", "Realm of Legends" or "God Realm". The heroes and villains cursed to wonder those planes would forever be bound to the realm and could not escape it, not even death would change that. But the Legends of this world are not prisoners, they became the servants of gods, some even deities. They would occationally be granted access to a given realm to affect the flow of events into their factions favor.



4 Planets
  • orbiting in a single-star-system
  • 0-4 Moons per planet
  • 4 Dimensions:
  • Physical Light Shadow Dream
  • Traversable in 3D
  • Unique features
  • Covering the whole realm
  • 4 Factions:
  • Voidspawn Druid Independent Divine
  • History determines relationships between factions
  • 4 Possible endings:
  • Otherworldly intervention X
  • A faction or an alliance of multiple factions control all planets and dimensions.
  • A character or an event destroys everything in the realm.
  • A character destroys the entire realm but survives, resulting them being sent to the God Realm.

    Technical Details

    From Operation Grand Utopia 44 version [v0.39a2] Atavism has been deployed to an Ubuntu Dedicated Server

    Server Count: 1

    Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS Jammy Jellyfish

    Server CCU: 1000 Concurrent users per session

    3D Spell VFX: +400

    Fantasy icons: +10,000

    Character/Creature models: +300

    3D Weapon models: +450

    Melee animations: ~1600

    "Foundation" for OGU44 MMORPSG has been released and ALPHA is free to play, wiki will be updated shortly, at least before BETA.

    To be continued


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